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By air: Bulgarian and foreign airline companies directly link the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, to all major European cities. Most of the major low budget companies also fly to Sofia WizzAir, AirBerlin etc. Our domestic company Bulgaria Air offers convenient flight daily from most of the European cities.
Tickets can be purchased through CIM or by your local tour agent.

By train: Bulgaria is linked to almost all capitals and big cities in Europe by train.
By bus: Most of the European big cities and capitals are linked with Sofia by bus.
By car: Sofia is accessible from the main border checkpoints via national and international roads. There is a vignette tax to be paid as entering the country, prices are reasonable.



from the Airport There is a direct connection by Metro, Line 1 from Sofia Airport Terminal 2, and conference venue (Joliet Currie Station). Line 1 gets to the city center as well (Serdika Station). There are also two bus lines available from Sofia Airport to Sofia City Center BUS 84 and second line BUS 384.
from the Central Bus or Railway station There is a direct connection by Metro. You should take Line 2 from Central Railway Station until Serdika Station and change to Line 1 until Conference venue (Joliet Currie Station). Line 1 gets to the city center as well (Serdika Station).

More information and detailed schedule is online at:

Taxis are also available but the participants are advised to be careful by ordering a car because of the high rates.

Transfers from the airport to the hotel and v.v. can be ordered to CIM Ltd. Organized by a special logistic system CIM representative will welcome each guest personally at Sofia Airport, lead him to the vehicle and help if necessary to handle problems with luggage and tickets. For the way back CIM will publish departure lists with exact set off time on info board next to the Registration desk to prevent problematical departure.
Prices are posted in the conference web site.

Transfers can be ordered from Sofia Airport, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, Sofia Central Railway Station and Sofia Central Bus Station incl. Serdica Station.

Only valid passports are required from all the EU countries. Participants from countries where visa is normally required for entry to Bulgaria are reminded that they will need to obtain one from the appropriate Bulgarian Embassy/Consul.
Please check at the nearest Bulgarian Embassy all the documents required for your country or visit:

The national currency is the Bulgarian Lev - BGN. Bank notes of the following denominations are in circulation: 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 Levs. 1 Euro = 1,95583 BGN.
There are numerous foreign exchange offices and ATMs around the city. It's always prudent to carry a little foreign cash, however, in case you can't find an ATM or bank office nearby. You can always change cash at the hotel, though the commission will be high.
Make sure you have enough of the national currency when you plan to visit local markets and shops.

Most shops open at 9:00 and accept visitors till 19:00. Large shopping centres may work until 21:00, while supermarkets and food stores often work around the clock.

When a gratuity is not included in your bill, which is usually the case, 10% is customary. If service is outstanding, you could go as high as 15%. With taxi drivers, you usually just round up the sum if you have been happy with the ride or for the sake of convenience.

Moderate climate: mild spring and autumn, hot summer, cold snowy winters. The weather in September is warm and sunny. Daily temperatures range from 20o to 25o C.

Summer time: GMT + 3 hrs. (April through September)

220 Volts, 50 Hz, 2 pins plug-in system.